Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apple trying create a service like Spotify?

It seems that after Spotify's latest succes in North America that Apple is going to create a something to stop their swedish concurent succes.

This week Apple hired Elliott Peters, a senior vice president and head of digital legal affairs at Warner Music Group to overseeing iTunes and MobileMe services in Europe. The intressting part comes when Apple annoucning that they; "continues to work toward a cloud-based iTunes, allowing users the ability to store their iTunes libraries on Apple's servers and stream them to a variety of Internet-connected devices." - very intressting indeed for all Spotify user's all around the world. 

However the old licensing agreements (contract between apple & record labels) does not have any permitts for such use of the label's music. I guess that's where Elliott Peters comes into the picture!

Since Spotify already had their service and intentions stated in their contracts when they did the liscence's it more or less likely that Apple has to change ALL their deals & permitt's with the labels... a lot of work to do indeed ?!?!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RIP Technics SL1200 :(

Sadly i have to do this post, the era of the legend is over. Panasonic has decided to discontinue technic's analog turntables. Iv got one myself and i will for sure get myself another one in the next couple of week's. You see, playing with turntable's is something that you cant replace with anything else. First of all, you got the warm sound, secondly the physical way you mix and need to use your skills, pffff, impossible to replace.

“Panasonic decided to end production mainly due to a decline in demand for these analog products and also the growing difficulty of procuring key analog components necessary to sustain production,” the company said in statement issued to The Tokyo Reporter. "

The SL-1200 series turntable, which enjoys a massive following in the DJ community, have been in continuous production since 1972. Since then 3.5 million units have been produced, making the brand’s purple and gray logo (“Technics” written twice) an icon in clubs and for DJs all around the world. Im pretty sure we all have been playing on one once in our lifetime. RIP, you will be missed!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not so kleijn after all.

Eelke Kleijn, a talent that been around forever but without making too much noise about himself. After his album on Global Underground he's finally returned to a bit more trancy sound but without loosing his wonderful 80's influences into this beautiful progressive house sound. A man too watch out for in 2011 for all progressive house heads out there! Im pretty sure "kleijn" is the last thing he's gonna be in the future when the oldschool progressive names now slowly is fading out one after another.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Me *heart* LA.

Just went on a little urban exploring here in LA during night time. Such an amazing city.... I have to convince my misses to move here in a few years, at least during europe's winter season.

How to prepare an essential mix ?

When i got the request from BBC Radio1 to mix the essential mix, my biggest question to myself was: "How on earth will i pull this together?"

You see, its not easy to mix an essential mix, you gotta have a clear "go" from all label & producers and at the same time to have as much as exclusive material as possible that's not released yet, a little big of a paradox. Easy? Not a chance.

Iv got a small list of producers that i respect & follow, the first thing i did was to give them a call and see if there was something new in the pipeline about 4-5 weeks before the mix. I realized that i hadn't much time to wait for unfinished project's that wasn't finished yet as i need to rely on that the material was done in time. So after creating a little mind map inside my head on how to build the mix i started to add my own finished projects and then looking for the material that was missing. I went through a couple of million of times and i did only found 3 tracks that really impressed me and fit into this mix.

After a couple of weeks of searching under every rock for all tracks i started to complete the tracklist inside  my head. it wasnt easy as i wanted to make a mix that represent all my sound's im playing without becoming a huge mess, not easy at all as its all key mixed aswell in the end.... 

With 5 days left i started to make a winamp playlist with all the tunes i collected and already had, there was about 270 tracks that i had to select from, not easy! It actually took longer time to select each single track and the placement in the mix then actually mixing the mix itself..... I was also quite sad since i had to leave out soooo many good tunes that there wasnt time for in the mix. So if you are a producer and you sent me some awesome material and i said i really liked it but i didnt play it, well, it wasnt becuase i was lying, it was becuase there was no time for everything. And ofcourse, own material always goes first in such a mix.

Mixing the mix itself took about 7 hours in total, all done i Ableton Live 8 with a couple of millions of edits and automation lanes here and there! Once im back home im going to post a picture of how the mix looks in ableton :)

Im really greatful for all the fantastic feedback that iv had from this mix and iv also heard that BBC Radio1 was really really happy about it :) So that warms my heart to hear!

You can listen to my mix here:

Marcus Schossow - BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix (2010.10.16) by Marcus Schossow

Me got a new friend :)

Just got back from shopping with the lady's! Got myself a cute little ipod nano for my new gym habits (yes i know, its a miracle, i actually started taking my gym stuff serious.....). I got the grey 8gig version, thought the other colours were abit erhmmm, screamy? Also went to the grand lux cafe and had sonamon sallad.... nice stuff, we should import this to sweden!

Here is a little pic of the ipod nano:

A day in Los Angeles

Going out for some shopping with my misses and the talented singer elleah. Need a new mp3 player since my last one was eaten by my washing machine after almost 3 years in service all around the world without loosing it *miracle mode*.  The tonight im taking my misses for a dinner at NOBU to celebrate my birthday as we will be in a flight all the whole day.... great way to celebrate my 25th birthday right ? I guess it sums up what im doing for the last couple of years.

First :)

hey peeps,

marcus here, this is my new blog where i will writte about what im doing on tours, in studio etc! Enjoy