Monday, October 25, 2010

How to prepare an essential mix ?

When i got the request from BBC Radio1 to mix the essential mix, my biggest question to myself was: "How on earth will i pull this together?"

You see, its not easy to mix an essential mix, you gotta have a clear "go" from all label & producers and at the same time to have as much as exclusive material as possible that's not released yet, a little big of a paradox. Easy? Not a chance.

Iv got a small list of producers that i respect & follow, the first thing i did was to give them a call and see if there was something new in the pipeline about 4-5 weeks before the mix. I realized that i hadn't much time to wait for unfinished project's that wasn't finished yet as i need to rely on that the material was done in time. So after creating a little mind map inside my head on how to build the mix i started to add my own finished projects and then looking for the material that was missing. I went through a couple of million of times and i did only found 3 tracks that really impressed me and fit into this mix.

After a couple of weeks of searching under every rock for all tracks i started to complete the tracklist inside  my head. it wasnt easy as i wanted to make a mix that represent all my sound's im playing without becoming a huge mess, not easy at all as its all key mixed aswell in the end.... 

With 5 days left i started to make a winamp playlist with all the tunes i collected and already had, there was about 270 tracks that i had to select from, not easy! It actually took longer time to select each single track and the placement in the mix then actually mixing the mix itself..... I was also quite sad since i had to leave out soooo many good tunes that there wasnt time for in the mix. So if you are a producer and you sent me some awesome material and i said i really liked it but i didnt play it, well, it wasnt becuase i was lying, it was becuase there was no time for everything. And ofcourse, own material always goes first in such a mix.

Mixing the mix itself took about 7 hours in total, all done i Ableton Live 8 with a couple of millions of edits and automation lanes here and there! Once im back home im going to post a picture of how the mix looks in ableton :)

Im really greatful for all the fantastic feedback that iv had from this mix and iv also heard that BBC Radio1 was really really happy about it :) So that warms my heart to hear!

You can listen to my mix here:

Marcus Schossow - BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix (2010.10.16) by Marcus Schossow


  1. Dude,

    Your essential mix was absolutely incredible! My buddy and I are American, but we still make time to listen to the essential mix live every week (7:00pm on Friday nights our time.) After hearing yours, we were impressed and found out you were playing at Monster Massive! We got there early especially to see your set, and you were incredible! We convinced a bunch of our other friends to come early as well because we promised them you would be great, and they all left talking about how awesome you were!

    By the way, what was the last track on your Monster Massive set? My buddy and I really digged it but we don't know what it's called.

    Thanks, and keep on raging man!

  2. Thanks for the information. I know that it's neccessary to spend much time to create an excellent mix. But I couldn't imagine that you spent SO much... Really, mix was amazing. Anyway I think it's the best mix you have ever made (even better than Tone Diary 100)
    Thank you for unforgettable online hours!
    Greetings from Moscow!

  3. To Checkers:

    Thanks :) We recorded my whole set from monster massive with crowd noise etc, will put it out monday next week.

  4. Interesting story, and the best of it you spoked in honest way. I respect that the most.yep. Its hard but you have something what dj need to have, abd that is called love to music. You can have milion pound mixer but if you dont have it in your heart it sucks. So thar proves how much love you have, and i hate people making music just for money and glory. Well i didnt listen you live yet, but i listen you much as i can(recorded shows)well man enjoy in what you do because you are damn good. If someone says differently well i guess he is pop-shit-guetta lover. Cheers man.....

  5. Absolutely loved the mix Markus! I have a quick tech-question. Upon rendering your mix, what sample rate did you use? I have Ableton Live 8, it only lets me render up to 2gigs... Does Ableton Suite have a rendering limit? I would Google, but I can't find a damn answer online -_- :D

  6. Also, I'm really looking forward to that screenshot! :P

  7. Incredible. You are awesome :) All Time - Best Essential Mix